Bike Fit Studio

The Protrain Bike Fit is a comprehensive 6 part process that starts with a pre-fit interview to gather a riders comprehensive history and in many cases injuries and issues. This leads to a full musculoskeletal assessment that covers a range of posture, joint range of motion, muscle strength and flexibility tests. 

Following this we use the pre-assessment results along with our own visual judgment of your riding under different loads (watts) with the aid of a duel camera capture system (two cameras will capture 4 ride angles) and
Siliconcoach Pro to further analysis your ride position. 

At this point recommendations will be discussed and changes can be made to the bike to achieve optimal comfort, power, performance, efficiency and above all correct any issues. This part maybe redone multiple times and recaptured and reassessed till the desired result is achieved.  

Further to all this a strength and/or flexibility program may be prescribed alongside the recommended bike change if needed.  This program would be designed help correct muscle imbalances and posture issues and further optimise your riding.

Finally after your visit you will be sent a report documenting the results and changes for your future reference and also a follow up visit maybe recommended.

The total Protrain Bike Fit time from arrival to departure, including setup and discussion of the results should last approximately 1-3 hours and is subject to individuals needs.

(Min time of 1hr and max time of 3hrs - Average time of a full bike fit is between 2 and 2.5 hours)

How much is it: 

The Protrain BikeFIT costs $115.00/hr charged in 15 min blocks after the first hour and you can make payment via Cash or EFTPOS on departure. Follow up visits will be charged at a 50% reduction.

Please email us at or call us on 0274778673 to make a booking.

If you are unsure if we can help you or if you want to discuss our services further, email us at OR call us 027 477 8673

(Note: All prices are in NZ Dollars and inclusive of GST)